ŠKODA Yeti Headlamps

ŠKODA Yeti Headlamps

Bi-Xenon headlamps with rotary models surpass with excellent luminosity. Plus they can better light up the curve you are driving through.


The light rotate when the speed you are driving at exceeds 10 km/h with dim lights or distance lights turned on, motor is running and you are turning the wheel.


The Yeti model has day-time lights and front fog lights located in the same independent round shaped  headlamps.


Fog headlamps with the Corner Function represent an extremely effective turning light, which can reveal hardly visible obstacles including boarder stones.


The function activates if fog lamps are not turned on at the moment. The only condition necessary for the lights to turn on are turned on indicator lights, rotation of the steering wheel and speed up to 40 km/h. Depending on the angle of the steering wheel, or the activation of the indicator lights either the left or the right headlamp will turn on.​