• Kodiaq
      • Kodiaq
        Kodiaq from  95,000
        • The design of ŠKODA's new large SUV conveys strength and protection


        • Size, strength, family spirit
        • till720l /2065l
        • from0l/100km
        • from0g/km
  • Octavia FL
      • Octavia FL
        Octavia FL from  73,000
        ‘Heart of the brand’ in new top form
        • New design elements in the front and rear, full-LED headlights

        • ŠKODA Connect mobile online services 
        • State-of-the-art driver assistance systems
        • till590l /1740l
        • from0l/100km
        • from0g/km
  • Rapid FL
      • Rapid FL
        Rapid FL from  65,500
        Further proof of innovative thinking
        • ​New face and optional features
        • ​Black interior with Silver brushed decorative trim
        • 15" alloy wheels Italia in anthracite design
        • till550l /1490l
        • from0l/100km
        • from0g/km

ŠKODA Yeti - Exterior

from 87,000
  • Engines and Haldex Clutch of the ŠKODA Yeti
    Chose the new ŠKODA Yeti based on your imagination only. Whether you crave having a 4x4, or you prefer front wheel-drive, or you are temped by a diesel engine, or you strictly want a petrol engine, there are many varieties the Yeti model can offer you. Click for more information
  • ŠKODA Yeti Headlamps
    We have used modern technology when designing the ŠKODA Yeti lamps. You can be sure that under call conditions your visibility will not be reduced, and also all other drivers will always see you. Click for more information
  • Design ŠKODA Yeti
    The distinct design of the ŠKODA Yeti model lies in the combination of robust appearance with functional details. Click for more information
  • Trunk Space and Yeti VarioFlex
    You can flexibly change the capacity of the ŠKODA Yeti car boot, and at the same time due to the easily removable back seats you can enlarge the car into a size of a small van. Click for more information
  • ŠKODA Yeti Panoramic Roof Window
    Experience the feeling of absolute freedom. You and your new ŠKODA Yeti with panoramic roof window on and exciting journey to new adventures. Click for more information
  • ŠKODA Yeti Automatically retractable external rearview mirrors with boarding spots designed to illuminate the entry area
    Apart from the excellent view back due to its wide surface the Yeti external rearview mirrors also offer other interesting functions: automatic retraction after the car has been locked and illumination of the entry area. Click for more information